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Triste-Friendly Artist Sites

Bob Dylan
For someone as well-served with websites as Bob Dylan, the official site would need to add a lot of special features to compete. Luckily it does, with exclusive field recordings, database of song lyrics and discussion boards. A good first port of call for Dylan fans.

Townes Van Zandt - Blue Sky Homepage
Len Coop's Blue Sky Home Page dedicated to Townes Van Zandt. Excellent discography, cover versions, lyrics,links etc - recently the updates have become less regular.

Ron Sexsmith
Official site - contains news, review archive and occasional letters from Ron. The whole site design appears to change with each album.

Handsome Family
Home-made (and proud of it) quirky site run by Brett and Rennie Sparks (aka The Handsome Family). The news section is particularly interesting as Rennie muses on images of life's other side, in her inimitable fashion, as well as mentioning the standard release dates and tour info found on 99.9% of other music websites.

John Martyn - Big Muff
Fan site named after one of Martyn's songs (itself a named after a guitar effect) which shows all the enthusiasm and detail that separates good fan sites from many official sites.

Peter Mulvey
Excellent official site with musings by Mr Mulvey on life; tour dates, tunings and monthly rare MP3 files of live tracks and covers. Admirable!!.

Gene Parsons - Stringbender
Home to StringBender - but also featuring musical news of Gene Parsons and Meridian Green via the "Parsons Green Gazette". Lots of downloadable music clips, news, extracts from the autobiography, tour dates, reviews, CD purchasing info, etc etc.

Nick Drake - The Nick Drake Files
The original award-winning Nick Drake site. Features useful guitar tab mainly by Chris Healey from the band Arco. No recent additions to the pages but still full of information.

Leonard Cohen - Bird on a Wire
Detailed exploration of Leonard Cohen - the prophet of the heart and only poet to cross over and make good records.

Tim Hardin - Hanging Onto The Dream
Brief, but quite informative fan site on the troubled 60's troubadour!!.

Eric Andersen
Detailed home page from this well-established American singer-songwriter.

Ken Nicol
Home page to guitarist and songwriter now playing with Steeleye Span and formerly of the Albion Band. Includes links to other related Albion Band off-shoots.

Steve Tilston
Official site for English singer-songwriter and guitarist and occasional member of TAZ. Recently revised to good effect.

Steve Earle - The Unofficial Steve Earle Site
Proudly proclaims its rebels status and has the content and thorough detail to put many official sites to shame.

Kate Jacobs
The singer-songwriter from Hoboken's home page. Not been updated since touring in support of her album Hydrangea a couple of years back.

Stacey Earle
Stacey Earle's home page. An important aid in getting herself known in the early days.

Michael Chapman
Home page for the gritty Yorkshire singer-songwriter. The site has been upgraded in the last year or so to good effect.

Allan Taylor
Home page for the singer-songwriter and guitarist now based in Yorkshire

Roger McGuinn
A life-long pioneer of new technology would always be keen on the net and this site is a fair introduction to the artist's work. Often ostentatiously plugged during live performances. Also the home of McGuinn's cataloguing of old folk songs.

Steve Young
At first glance the white text on black is pretty austere - but dig deep into the site to find song samples, merchandise, comments from the road, sound specs etc etc.

Jim Roll
Home page for the literate songwriter from Ann Arbor. The press section where he "replies/corrects" his critics is refreshing and amusing.

Oh Susanna
The elegant home page of Suzie Ungerleider (aka Oh Susanna). As well as the usual sections the archive features Suzie's reflections on touing and the merchandise page does a good line i waffle shirts!

Kathleen Edwards
Basic site on the critically acclaimed Canadian singer-songwriter Kathleen Edwards. The guest book has recently been spammed out of existence, but a new spam-free version is in the offing.

Hawksley Workman
Typically quirky and arty home page of the Canadian singer-songwriter, drummer, guitarist and sometime tapdancer Hawksley Workman. A little too Flash heavy for some.

Josh Rouse
The 1970's theme found on Josh Rouse's latest disc, "1972", is continued through the site artwork. The "band photos" are a scream and the forum is quite lively.

Kevin Montgomery - Fear Nothing
This fansite for Kevin Montgomery contains more information and is more regularly updated than the official site. Great selection of sound clips.

Bob Cheevers
The homepage of Memphis-born Bob Cheevers - one of the better historical narrative songwriters around.

Doug Hoekstra
Doug Hoekstra's site covers the usual ground of tour dates, discography etc, but also features probably the most comprehensive list of press cutting ever seen on an artist's website. There's also a page dedicated to Doug's short stories

Michael Weston King
Ex-Good Son Michael Weston King's new site, now revamped with extra features. New section "Michael's corner" contains his thoughts on various issues of the day and should soon include a field recording section.

Bap Kennedy
The former front man of The Energy Orchard's site is well set-out. At the moment previewing his first album in three years.

The Be Good Tanyas
The website for the Canadian trio is not exactly brimming over with goodies, but the artwork, nirroring the last album Chinatown, is different to run of the mill other sites.

Sid Griffin
The site of UK Americana's favourite ex-pat from the states includes sections on all Sid's musical ventures (Western Electric, Coal Porters, solo) as well as features on his fellow musician (and wife) Kate St John and his lifelong obsession, Gram Parsons.

Josh Ritter
Critically acclaimed Idaho-born singer-songwriter Josh Ritter's site - note the strong Ireland connection and the oft-repeated comparisons with Nick Drake .

The website for Tandy - the vehicle for Mike Ferrio's evocative tales of melancholia and wistfulness.

Patty Griffin
Patty Griffin's homepage favours effective flowery scripts not regularly seen on other webpages. The discussion board is busier than on some webpages.

Bill Mallonee
The webpage for the leader of the Volunteers Of Love's new solo identity. VOL devotees can still get their fix through the archive links.

Chris Smither
Official site for the blues-based singer-songwriter.

Chris Hillman
Chris Hillman has played in the Byrds, Burritos, Mannassas and has every bit as much right to be feted as the father of country rock as anybody alive today.

Jim Moray
The website of the great white male hope for English folk.

Chris Mills
The homepage of the underrated Chicago singer-songwriter.

Jesse Sykes
Home page for Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter (featuring Phil Wandscher) has a dark colour scheme which suits her brooding music

Tom McRae
Official site for the vicar's son from East Anglia. Also features sections in French for the bilingually curious.

Peter Bruntnell
Tidy site dedicated to the finest country-tinged rock songwriter to emerge from London since the heyday of Jagger and Richards 30 years ago.

Jackie Leven
Semi-official site for Scottish singer-songwriter and former Doll by Doll. A bit cluttered, but full of info.

Neal Casal
The official site for Neal Casal - also features his new band Hazy Malaze.

Emmylou Harris
A lot of content is featured on this site dedicated to Emmylou Harris - harmony singer par excellence and newly invigorated songwriter.

Gram Parsons
Long established site for Gram Parsons. Bulletin boards form a major aspect of this website.

Kelly Joe Phelps
Home page of slide guitar maestro and songwriter Kelly Joe Phelps

Freedy Johnston
Freedy Johnston's official site. Sometimes not quite as up to date with information as it should be.

Other Triste-Friendly Sites

Great looking website, packed full of information on americana music, altcountry, alt-powerpop, activism and a host of other words beginning with "a".

Bob Harris
The whispering one's website is a mine of information - not only relates to his radio show and his time on the Old Grey Whistle Test, but also a superb live listing.

More than just supplying guitar tab for altcountry acts this site purports to be an "Information Center/Message Board for Fans of Alternative Country Roots Rock Artists" - which is a wide definition and includes such unlikely acts as the Eagles - and includes masses of information.

No Depression Magazine
On-line archive of the magazine which helped fire up the alt-country movement (whatever that is) and give it an identity.

Whisperin' and Hollerin'
Excellent music website, now redesigned in more conventional and user-friendly fashion. Masses of thoughtful reviews and encourages interactivity from visitors.

Net Rhythms
Site featuring articles, reviews, gig info on blues, country, folk etc.

Dirty Linen
Web site for long established US roots magazine - features online interviews (abbreviated) and reviews.

Singer-Songwriter Directory
Does exactly as it says (on the tin). Huge listing of websites, official and unofficial, of songwriters, both known and unknown.

Radio 2 - Folk & Acoustic
The BBC's behemoth-like online presence is often condemned, but the Radio 2 "Folk & Acoustic" website includes excellent listings information, reviews etc as well as providing links to the actual radio shows

Green Man Review
US Ezine. Features music and literature, but, as the name suggests, leans towards the more folky end of the spectrum.

Folk and Roots
Folk and roots listings site focusing on the UK, although Americana is also covered.

Insurgent Country
Thorough site by Hans Settler featuring TVZ, GP, Neil Young, Hazeldine etc. Masses of info, but some of the text/background combinations make the site hard to read.

Folk Roots Magazine
Web site for long established UK world music magazine Folk Roots (or should that be froots?) Includes indexing of artists covered by the magazine, but little online content.

The Rake's Progress
Iain Smith's portal site into the world of English folk music. Simply but elegantly designed and features several lesser known luminaries of the English folk scene.

The Bees Knees
General grouping of folk-rockers centring around Richard Thompson and other ex-Fairporters.

Selected Folk Singers
Bit of an odd site - excellent coverage of overlooked English folkies - the Nic Jones section being particularly good.

A guide to classic British Folk-Rock - mainly from the 60's/70's Fairport/Steeleye nexus.

Lone Star Webstation
Guide to Texas music centred around the Townes Van Zandt axis.

Folk Music Directory
Folk music related new, books and web resources feature in this web directory.

Miscellaneous Sites

Mr Kite
When you see visiting American acts playing a short tour of the UK with dates in such rocka nd roll centres such as London, Glasgow, Birmingham and Chorley, then you can bet that Mr Kite is involved somewhere. Mr Kite (aka Steve Henderson) has been putting on a range of folk and country performers for the last few years and donating money to charity. The current total is now around five figures.

Bob Paterson
DJ and Promoter of many Triste-friendly acts, but also known for being a windmill enthusiast.

Larmer Tree Festival
For something a little more civilised than joining the hordes at Glastonbury you could do worse than try the Larmer Tree Festival 2004. Over the weekend of July 16-18 you can hear dozens of acts playing on stages around the beautiful Victorian gardens in the heart of the remote and peaceful Cranborne Chase on the Dorset/Wiltshire border. Some acts worthy of note include The HaveNots, Gabriel Minnikin (ex-Guthries), Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez and Hot Club of Cowtown.

Eskimo Chain
Syd Barrett and beyond. Lots of original material (interviews essays etc) and regularly updated


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